About Us

Climate Change Summit

We are an organization dedicated to bringing people together from around the world to focus on progress in environmental issues, business and the economy, health, technology, and more. Although there has been much debate and even outright conflict regarding these issues in our world lately, we believe that by giving people a forum to discuss their ideas and concerns, we can make progress constructively. We are non-partisan, but tend to unite around ideas that are based in science and will make positive progress for all peoples of the world.

On our site, you can find a wide range of content and resources. You’ll find news articles, covering the latest happenings in these disciplines from around the world. You’ll find opinion pieces from our diverse variety of passionate contributing writers. You’ll find resources that will help you make a positive difference, both in your local community and in our global one. Most importantly, you’ll find a community of like-minded people you can talk with who are just as interested in making a difference and staying informed as you are. Our content contributors have diverse professional backgrounds and hail from many different locales around the world, but all of them have one thing in common – they are eager to promote positive change around the world.

We were founded by a group of activists who are extremely interested in making a difference regarding climate change and the environment. They were very active in their own local communities, but they wanted to do more. One of our founders was experienced in website management, so they decided to create a web platform that would connect others. Over time, we’ve expanded our writing team and have grown a steady base of readers as well. We’re always looking to develop and expand, and if you are interested in joining our team, please contact us via email.

If you have questions or concerns you’d like us to address, please contact us – we love interacting with our readers and addressing concerns about the environment and other related issues. We can be reached via email or on various social media platforms. We also frequently respond to comments on our articles. Speaking of social media, we’d love it if you gave us a like or follow to stay updated with our content. We’re excited to have you with us on our journey to promoting positive change.