Things You Definitely Shouldn’t Do If You Run a PBN

When you work on your PBN setup, you realize the most important rule about these networks: building PBNs is hard. Indeed, it takes a lot of time and effort, and this is also why so many people quit it when they don’t get fast results. This leads to another realization: you don’t want to lose it.

This is why people who buy high da domains and put a lot of effort into scraping their networks from nothing are especially careful with their content and SEO practices. It’s easy to attract Google’s attention with bad or blackhat SEO, with those things that Google hates.

This is why if you want to save your network, you have to consider the following rules:

  • Keyword stuffing is a no.
    Firstly, it doesn’t work as it did anymore. Secondly, did you really spent hundreds of dollars on aged domains (not counting those long hours you searched for those domains) to spoil your sites with this practice? Google doesn’t give you higher ranks if you put the same phrase in your text dozens of times. Remember, content is king.
  • Be careful with your anchors.
    All those people getting PBN links for sale, beware. If you’re using the same anchor for each link, you will be penalized. It was a common practice and a way for some to target a keyword, but now it’s an opportunity to catch de-indexation.
  • Never overlink.
    Let’s make that clear: Google loves quality links that will help your readers find something interesting, make your content richer or add another perspective. Those links easily enrich your link profile. However, if you’re linking to unrelated sites, you’re digging yourself a grave. Too many links will cause your site getting low ranks on many keywords. Low ranks also mean users will never find your site.
  • Don’t use the same keywords.
    Again, this won’t give you anything. Although, if Google views it as the keyword stuffing, you will get penalized. But using the same keywords actually makes your site appear in fewer results. That only makes it worse for
  • Avoid text-only content.
    People are searching for videos, images and infographics more and more. Now, many fall in love with e-books and podcasts. If you’re providing your users with text only, Google won’t be especially kind to you. It’s likely that your sites won’t get to be really popular.
  • Avoid duplicate content.
    Many people think that they can get a top class domain name, extremely reliable hosting for PBN and then relax when it comes to content. Again, as Google tries to make the user experience better, they promote unique and interesting pieces. So, if you’re just copying, you will always be below the original version.
  • Don’t buy link juice.
    Right, links are really important, but if you buy links coming from sites about history when you’re selling eco gluten-free bread will only hurt you. Incoming links have to from sites on relevant topics AND they have to come from quality sites.

Running a good PBN requires effort and you have to be especially careful with your SEO and link building practices. The best advice here is to stay low and be as “real” as possible. Promoting yourself in a way too obvious way is not the best idea.

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