The Consequences of Climate Change, and How They Affect Us

Climate change is a major problem that is affecting many people around the world, but there is a huge percentage of the global population that isn’t aware of what it is or how it works, or maybe even doesn’t believe in it. There are many ways that our earth is changing in addition to changes in temperature. Here are some of the biggest consequences of climate change that you may not have been aware of.


– Since our global temperatures are increasing, a huge percentage of the polar ice caps are melting. This results in rising water levels around the world, which could potentially be very detrimental to people living in coastal areas. It could increase flooding and make water transport and other related activities very difficult. Additionally, the melting of the polar ice caps means that the wildlife that calls this area home (such as penguins and polar bears) will no longer have a place to live.

ice– Increasing temperatures have meant that summers around the world result in heat waves and drier climates. Not only is this extremely uncomfortable for many people, but it is also very detrimental for our wildlife. Additionally, the summer season is lasting longer, as warmer temperatures around the world are now lasting well into fall. This heat can even cause wildfires to occur, which can destroy entire ecosystems and even encroach on urban areas. Finally, these drier climates can cause draughts, which cause plants to die and result in less drinking and bathing water for humans.

– Many people believe that climate change only involves temperatures getting hotter, but it actually results in more extreme weather patterns in all seasons. In the winter, many places have been experiencing record low temperatures, biting wind, ice storms, and huge amounts of snow. This was seen last year during the ‘polar vortex’ in the United States, and is resulted in closure for many businesses and schools, which is very detrimental to the economy.

– A huge number of wildlife species have not been able to cope with these huge changes to their environment, and therefore have had to migrate to other areas where they can survive. However, this is very harmful because it can disrupt the existing ecosystem in their new home.


– Because of all of these changes happening to our climate, our societies now have to compensate by developing new solutions to these problems. This results in damage to our economy, because we are spending so much money to create new institutions that can manage climate change, and meanwhile, many of our existing societal institutions and businesses lose money.

Overall, climate change is extremely detrimental to our planet in so many ways. It does not just affect our habitat, but also our modern society. It also hurts our plant and animal friends that co-exist with us. Because of this, climate change must be addressed as soon as possible to avoid even more problems in the future. With small day-to-day changes, we can make a big difference.

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