It is not easy to find a job in any part of the world. The entire economy of the planet is in a state where you are competing against so many other people, no matter what position you are seeking. And it is especially true in an area such as Thailand. Not only are you competing against locals, but many foreigners will also come into the country if they are seeking a job and a new life. Finding jobs in Thailand is possible, but it is good to know what is best suited for your skills.

What are some appealing jobs in Thailand that are in demand these days?

1. Teaching

If you are looking for one type of job where you will always have available positions, it is teaching. When you are visiting job forums or posting sites in Thailand, you will see that many of these sites have a lot of available jobs for the teaching category. And it is true for both local and international schools in the country.

One of the easiest jobs that you can get is to teach English at a local Thai school. So long as you know English and have some type of educational background, you will be able to get a job without a problem. Sure, you will need some certificates to get such a job at an international school, but you can still get good pay at a local Thai school.

2. Fitness Instructor

Fitness is becoming a major trend in the Thai culture. There are gyms everywhere in major cities. Everyone from locals to foreigners wants to hit the gym multiple times a week. And that is great if you are a fitness freak who wants to find a job. Brush up your resume and check out sites where you can find a job in Thailand.

Being a fitness instructor is a varied job that can mean many things. Some people like to teach yoga or similar fitness classes. Others are weight training specialists who help their clients get stronger and bigger. Or you could be helping out professional teams with their training throughout the year.

3. Entrepreneurs

It is not the easiest job in the world to find by any means. But if you are someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit and you love to be your own boss, then you may want to start your own company.

But what you will need to do is make sure that you have some unique idea. Thailand is a very populated country and there are already many small businesses in the nation. It is all about having some unique idea that has not been done before. That is how you will succeed as an entrepreneur in this part of the world.

4. Writing

Another great job is to work as a freelance or full time writer. It is one of the most flexible jobs, especially if you know English. If you would like a full time position, then you will have to look at newspapers, magazines and other such operations where you can work throughout the year.

But you can still do very well for yourself if you are working freelance. It is all about branding yourself, finding the types of writing jobs that you would enjoy doing, and then leveraging your talent to get great offers from clients.

Another great aspect of working as a writer is that you can work from home. And you can even solicit clients from neighboring countries, as the demands will be quite similar to what you would have to do for Thai clients.

With these options, you will always be able to find a good job in Thailand, especially if you use job search sites to help you see what positions are open right now!

When you work on your PBN setup, you realize the most important rule about these networks: building PBNs is hard. Indeed, it takes a lot of time and effort, and this is also why so many people quit it when they don’t get fast results. This leads to another realization: you don’t want to lose it.

This is why people who buy high da domains and put a lot of effort into scraping their networks from nothing are especially careful with their content and SEO practices. It’s easy to attract Google’s attention with bad or blackhat SEO, with those things that Google hates.

This is why if you want to save your network, you have to consider the following rules:

  • Keyword stuffing is a no.
    Firstly, it doesn’t work as it did anymore. Secondly, did you really spent hundreds of dollars on aged domains (not counting those long hours you searched for those domains) to spoil your sites with this practice? Google doesn’t give you higher ranks if you put the same phrase in your text dozens of times. Remember, content is king.
  • Be careful with your anchors.
    All those people getting PBN links for sale, beware. If you’re using the same anchor for each link, you will be penalized. It was a common practice and a way for some to target a keyword, but now it’s an opportunity to catch de-indexation.
  • Never overlink.
    Let’s make that clear: Google loves quality links that will help your readers find something interesting, make your content richer or add another perspective. Those links easily enrich your link profile. However, if you’re linking to unrelated sites, you’re digging yourself a grave. Too many links will cause your site getting low ranks on many keywords. Low ranks also mean users will never find your site.
  • Don’t use the same keywords.
    Again, this won’t give you anything. Although, if Google views it as the keyword stuffing, you will get penalized. But using the same keywords actually makes your site appear in fewer results. That only makes it worse for
  • Avoid text-only content.
    People are searching for videos, images and infographics more and more. Now, many fall in love with e-books and podcasts. If you’re providing your users with text only, Google won’t be especially kind to you. It’s likely that your sites won’t get to be really popular.
  • Avoid duplicate content.
    Many people think that they can get a top class domain name, extremely reliable hosting for PBN and then relax when it comes to content. Again, as Google tries to make the user experience better, they promote unique and interesting pieces. So, if you’re just copying, you will always be below the original version.
  • Don’t buy link juice.
    Right, links are really important, but if you buy links coming from sites about history when you’re selling eco gluten-free bread will only hurt you. Incoming links have to from sites on relevant topics AND they have to come from quality sites.

Running a good PBN requires effort and you have to be especially careful with your SEO and link building practices. The best advice here is to stay low and be as “real” as possible. Promoting yourself in a way too obvious way is not the best idea.

Any Cardiff SEO specialist will tell you that if you want to get good results from your online marketing in the future, you have to start planning everything right now. Even in a small city, the most common and popular digital marketing practices have their power and to get decent results, you have to tackle different fields.

  1. Launch an Instagram page.
    You might think that a small business doesn’t need big social media presence, but you will understand how wrong that thought is if you turn to best SEO marketing agencies. Cardiff, at least its younger generation is there too, so if you’re not on Instagram, you’re losing clients. There are tons of opportunities for advertising.
  2. Facebook promotion.
    Did you know that you can invest only $5 and promote your post? That shouldn’t be a major thing, so try to choose the best content or something that could easily go viral and promote that one. Probably every SEO consultant in Cardiff advises this technique to their clients!
  3. Try e-mail promotion.
    If you’re still not using email promotion in 2017, there is something wrong with your strategy. Plenty of big businesses use email as a tool for their digital media campaigns and it works out for them. Some of those even send multiple emails per day! However, you have to be careful here, your e-mail newsletter should contain important information (e.g. if you own a hardware store, there should be information on the goods on sale/upcoming sales). If you’re going too far with your e-mail marketing, you will start losing people.
  4. Communicate on Twitter.
    Services that do digital marketing Cardiff often complain about different social media platforms that create new algorithms or toughen their rules for advertising. But Twitter is still a good tool for outreach. Searching with hashtags is fairly simple and doesn’t require any extraordinary skills, but can help you maintain a strong presence on social media. As a business owner, you will have to talk to people, ask questions, maybe communicate with others to get their opinion. Of course, link posting also counts here.
  5. Get involved with Youtube.
    When people seek SEO services Cardiff, they mostly work with content optimization. It’s a rare thing for someone to recommend Youtube as an optimization tool. However, you are killing two birds with one stone here, you can improve your content by using different videos and you will improve your ranks with the proper tags. Oh, even three birds, your audience will definitely appreciate you diversifying your content and will treat you more seriously.
  6. Don’t ignore Google+.

Yeah, it’s not the best platform for interacting with people or getting a new audience. But the majority of marketing companies (Cardiff based or nearby) tend to forget its bigger role: local SEO. Google+ presence will improve your SEO efforts and will make those more successful on a local level, which is exactly what you need.

It’s quite easy to run a marketing strategy when you have the right tools and know their importance. The only thing you have to do next is to start using those tools to increase your sales and profits. It’s crucial to remember that even the less popular tools like Google+ can make a big difference on a local level. And sometimes the local level is just what you need.

Before putting all your eggs in one basket and going for the first SEO services in Cardiff which sounds like a good idea, here are our suggestions for questions to ask your potential new marketing agency in Cardiff.


This is an important question, because more often than not, you will be wanting an SEO firm who can tie their work into the rest of your marketing strategy.

A lot of firms who do SEO, of course also work in all aspects of marketing, and so it might be to a Cardiff based digital agency, rather than just a pure SEO company you turn.

However, if all you want doing is SEO, then you might not necessarily need the firm with the flashiest website or even one that are at the top of the Google listings. People will usually seek out the best SEO firms for themselves, hence the lack of need to advertise.


Any SEO company worth their salt should be able to put you in contact with some either current or past clients, who can provide you with a reference.

Whilst we wouldn’t expect them to give you their entire client history, one or two happy customers should be easily found.


You need to know how the person that you are thinking of hiring deals with difficult people and difficult scenarios.


Ask the firm that you have in mind, how they dealt with an utter disaster.

Have they ever worked on a blacklisted or penalised site? How did they manage to turn the fortunes around of a company from such a bad starting point?


It is a good idea to have a full written quote, detailing a breakdown for all the charges that you will incur.

Don’t take a word of mouth offer or price – you need to know how much you will be charged overall and if there are any retainer fees.


Likewise, are there any ongoing charges or extras which you do not know about?



When an SEO company works on your site, they will inevitably change things. You need to know what they are doing to your site and why.

Make sure you understand any changes that they have made to your site, because when you both part company, you still need to understand how it works.


Don’t beat about the bush when it comes to discussing results. Ask the provider how they will improve your website ratings. Do they promise to get you to number one in the Google rankings?

If they absolutely guarantee it, treat this claim with caution.


It is essential that you know exactly what types of practice the SEO company will utilise on your site.

It is your site and your business. If you cannot afford to be de-indexed by Google, then it is up to you to find out exactly what methods they will employ.


A good SEO provider will mend any broken links and 404 errors and generally carry out a technical audit of your site. Make sure that the people you hire include this in their work.


It is important to know who owns what on your website, after your time with the company has ended. Will they remove their content at the end of the contract?

We hope that these questions will stand you in good stead for hiring the right Cardiff SEO agency!!

Let LEDs Shine A Light into Your Home This Summer

It doesn’t have to be Christmas to let the fairy LED strip lights sparkle and it doesn’t have to be like the Spanish Inquisition just to position a few inbouwspots buiten for garden or LED spotjes to enhance your interior look.

As this article will prove, the use of inbouw LEDspots and other types of spotlights, up lights and even LED inbouwspots dimbaar badkamer which are dimmable LED spotlights for your bathroom, can transform your previously work a day bathroom into a deluxe home spa, ripe for relaxation and pampering!


Starting with what can often be the smallest room in the house, the loo or the bathroom might be a modestly sized space, which has to cram everything in. This can often mean that the lighting has been traditionally a tad basic, probably limited to just one bulb.

The good thing about LEDs is that they tend to be more waterproof than old fashioned incandescent bulbs, but please, do check that you are definitely installing badkamer inbouw led spots which are specifically meant for the bathroom area.

Recessed lighting can be used to great effect in the bathroom, to illuminate those dull spots and spotlighting in particular might shine a light onto those “task” areas such as the bathroom basin and mirror.

Once again, LEDs can take many forms here and LED strips can be a great way to illuminate your mirror in a pretty manner, which also helps with the application of make up as well.

LED strips as well as the correct sort of recessed and down lights might also be used around the bathtub, to enhance the glow as you relax.

As long as you have checked that these are the correct type to use in proximity with water, these may make a safer choice than candles.


These days, the trend for lighting in communal areas is not to blind people with one or two extremely bright bulbs, focused only in the centre of the room, but to build up a gradual but layered effect all over the space.

Because also these days, more people are embracing open plan living, then we are seeing the re-emergence of the sitting- dining room or the dining- kitchen area. We are also seeing a shift towards just one downstairs living space comprising of lounge, kitchen and dining space.

If you are opting for this kind of treatment in your home, then it is important to open out the lighting to the task in hand.


Firstly you need to consider the practicalities of the lighting requirements for your space.

If this is principally the kitchen area then clearly, you are going to need enough light to see by, to prepare food.

In the olden days, a strip light flashed in an ugly manner from the kitchen, which made it too bright and impersonal.

Today, modern strip lighting does not have to be like that and newer fluorescent lighting is stylish, cost effective and even atmospheric.

LEDs have a big part to play in the kitchen lighting revolution and are highly useful as task lighting. With the correct use, your recesses could be brought back into the light, making your kitchen area look bigger and even cleaner!

Spotlighting is essential we think in any modern kitchen, but this is not the only potential use for LEDs.


The other strength of LEDs in either the kitchen or living areas is to provide an ambient light, which is enough to see by comfortably, but does not dazzle or shine.

This has been made even more achievable by the advent of dimmable LEDs, which have improved manifold since their first inception.

In times gone by – and not even that long ago – dimmer switches often did not work with LED bulbs. The good news is that today they can get along just fine together, however, you do need to by a dimmer switch which is compatible with LEDs.

Ambient lighting is not just limited to dimmable LEDs, or even effective recessed lighting.

We love the new trend of LED strips illuminating areas no one ever thought to brighten up before.

How about running a strip along the stairs, to help see in the dark, or across the skirting boards?

LED strips have even been placed under the bed, perfect for kids who are scared of the dark!

These days, the options are not confined to one ‘main’ area light and a couple of table lamps. LEDs can transform your living areas into focused and separate zones when necessary, dimming to a comfortable glow when you want to unwind.